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Barcelona Street riding

If you are looking for some of the best street riding in Europe, its doesn’t get much better than Barcelona.

A lot of UK Street riders want to go, but once you get there it can be a little daunting where to ride, and finding all the best spots you’ve seen in all the videos can take a while if you dont know where to go.
So we’ve decided to help out riders who are looking to head on over to Barcelona for a street ride, where the best spots are, and the best way to get there.

Getting to Barcelona

If you flying over to Barcelona the first thing to do is get yourself a large cardboard box to put your bike in. We manged to get ours from our local bike shop for free, go to places like Halfords as they usually recycle them anyway.
Dont be tempted to purchase a fancy, heavy duty bike protection box. Why you may ask? Because these bomb proof bike carriers are very heavy.

You will be restricted to a certain weight that you will be able to take on the plane. If you are not careful you may have to pay an extra charge for gross weight of you luggage, which can be as much as £150 so be careful.

We would highly recommend flying with EasyJet. The allowed us to go through a speedy check-in so we didn’t have to wait with our luggage to get on the plane. The also covered the boxes our bikes were in, in lots of huge ‘Fragile’ and ‘Keep Flat’ Stickers. The bikes survived both the trip there and back without even a dent in the boxes.

Finding a hotel and a place to stay is also quite easy. Simply head over to who are by far the cheapest around for flights and hotels. You can also find lots of youth hostels on the Internet as well, which are incredibly cheap if you are on a budget.

Getting around Barcelona is very easy, as Barcelona’s has a large underground Metro rail system. It is reliable and there are hardly any delays to the Metro trains. Other major cities should take notice of how efficient the Metro system runs.

metroplan 1024x579 Barcelona Street riding


Where to Ride in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the biggest city’s in the world and everywhere you look there is something to ride.
The first thing we would suggest you do is head for the ‘Twin Towers’ as some of the best spots are located around the two towers and along the coast.

Photo 22 09 2011 19 50 39 225x300 Barcelona Street ridingThe coast line goes on for miles but the are so many little things to ride. There is also on small but very slippery skate park which is quite a good laugh.

Keep on heading to almost as far as you can go, and you will reach the huge red and yellow flat bank which has been featured in so many videos.

Barcelona Locals

One of the best ways to find out where the best spots are is to head to the local BMX shops and simply ask where to go. They are always happy to assist and speak pretty good English. One of the guys we spoke to shut his shop early, grabbed his BMX and came with us the show us some of the best spots.

Other spots to ride

The MACBA (Museum for Contemporary Art) near the city centre the Museum for Contemporary Art is a great place to ride and is quite popular with skateboarders. The best days to go to the MACBA is on either a Sunday or Tuesday as there is less here you will find a famous huge 4 stair and ledges drops and stairs.

Almost next door to the ‘MACBA‘ (Museum for Contemporary Art) is the ‘Universitat plaza’. At this spot are three long smooth stone benches and lots of other cool things to ride.

Plaza Universitat Bench 300x225 Barcelona Street riding


If you hitting the Barcelona coast area first, you must head towards the massive structure pictured below.
This building is located within a area called ‘Forum’. If you are travelling to the Forum you can do by taking the yellow metro line.
There is a skate park located within the ‘Forum’ you will also find the awesome red and yellow flatbanks that are featured on so many videos including massive sets of stairs and ledges.6483078 300x225 Barcelona Street riding

We would highly recommend that you spend the best part of day looking around the ‘Forum’ as there is so much to ride.

The next spot is one of our favourites called ‘Paral-lel’. You can get to Paral-lel by using the green metro line and is literally up the road from the metro station.
Paral-lel has loads of lines and so many thing to ride. It is a great spot and you can easily kill a few hours riding here.

The final spot we would recommend to you is ‘Sants Station’ or ‘Sants Estacio’.
You will need to hop back onto the Metro and get on the green line and its not far from the brilliant Paral-lel which is also on the green line.
Sants Station has lots of great spots built around the station. Lots of stone benches into flat banks. Again this is another spot which is very popular with skateboarders as there are alot of famous spots here.

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