News — 25 May 2012
Ben Rowlands GETBrakeless

Ben Rowlands has just released a short but sweet street video ‘GETBrakeless’. This video features Ben riding mostly brakeless in spots around the city of Bristol.

Ben is such a smooth rider and hopefully this video we be the first of many this summer of him riding brakeless street trials.

He has also posted via his Facebook page some photos of his new Inspired 24″ setup (brakeless of course) and its looks absolutely amazing. Notice the number of spacers below the stem to give that extra rise and what looks like to be slicks front and rear. A pure street machine.

Inspired 24 Ben Ben Rowlands GETBrakeless

Inspired 24 Ben Rowlands GETBrakeless

ben inspired 24 Ben Rowlands GETBrakeless

Street trials has come such a long way in the last couple of years, with many riders relying on their brakes to perform certain moves, riders like Ben are pushing the boundaries of the sport by riding without any brakes.

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