Trials Videos — 17 December 2012
Clean 002 Street Trials Video

Clean 002 from Clean on Vimeo.

This is a must see! Even if you don’t ride brakeless you will fully appreciate how fluid and clean the vast majority of the riding is in this video.

Clean 002 is an absolute beast and runs for just over 15 minutes and was filmed from March-December of this year (2012). Year round up videos don’t come much bigger or better than this and this video has something for everyone including tech lines and big moves.

In my opinion brakeless trials is crazy, especially because trials bikes and riders have always relied on running such powerful brakes to pull of large power moves. What is clear this year is that street trials is evolving as riders are still pulling big moves with no brakes and I’m sure the trend will continue.

Brakeless 20” trials bikes in my opinion do look a bit strange however massive respect goes out to the guys riding them as some of the moves they pull off in Clean 002 are crazy.

We really hope you enjoy watching Clean 002 as much as we did.

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