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Dartmoor bikes K-Drive rear hub review

The new Dartmoor bikes K-Drive rear hub looks great! The Dartmoor bike K-Drive is a very lightweight single speed rear disc hub which has been designed and built for dirt or street riding.

The Detail

The K-Drive rear hub can be used with 10T driver, and of course is styled in the Dartmoor bikes custom styles and shape. The 2011 K-Drive rear hub features new design features including aluminium push-in cones and aluminium washers. The K-drive is also able to take a BMX chain up to the size of 1/8”.

hub k drive white 300x142 Dartmoor bikes K Drive rear hub review

The hub body is also available is a great selection of colours including white, (pictured above) black, green, red, blue and graphite The Dartmoor bikes K-Drive rear hub body made is made 6061 Alu and has a Cr-Mo steel axle with 12mm long Alu nuts. It also has 4 high quality sealed bearings, which will last a long time. It also comes with a machined disc brake mount for keeping the total weight of the rear hub down.
A few more details of the K-Drive rear hub include;
Size: 135x10mm.

Pawls: 4.

Engagement points: 24.

Weight: 465g (incl. nuts).

Holes: 36, or 32
In summary the K-Drive is one of the best street rear hubs available today! It offers a high quality design and is built to last! It is also very easy to service, and comes in some great colours. We love the Dartmoor bikes k-drive rear hub.

hub k drive 300x127 Dartmoor bikes K Drive rear hub review
The Dartmoor K-Drive rear hub is available from Dartmoor bikes.


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