News — 20 May 2011
Fatality BMX Seventeen V2 Pedals

If you are in the market for a new set of pedals and are looking to spend £50 then we have an excellent suggestion.

These great looking pedals are brought to you by a company called fatality BMX and are available directly at These pedals ooze quality, with a good firm and grippe platform, they are certainly competition for the popular DMR V12 pedals.

The Seventeen V2 pedals come in a selection of colours including Fluoro Yellow, white, British racing Green, Black, Red and our favourite “Root Beer”.
The Seventeen V2 pedal have a nice and chunky 17mm thick concave body, sealed cartridge bearings and most importantly the thru pins are replaceable, which are easily changed by simply unscrewing from underneath. Which is a lot simpler than other brands of pedals where a small hex key is required to remove the damaged pins.  The Seventeen V2 pedals are also not to bad on the weight side of things either at 462g for the pair.

The fatality bmx seventeen V2 pedals are a awesome choice of pedal! They look great, and are built to last, a favourite.

v2red 300x243 Fatality BMX Seventeen V2 Pedals

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