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Fixed Gear Bike Websites
Love them or hate them fixed gear bikes are becoming more and more popular as riders move on from conventional street or bmx bikes.
Though the fixed gear bike scene is’nt as big over here in the UK, (at the moment anyway) as in the States, you do still see some about from time to time.
We did spot one at a skate park a few weeks back that was running a set of pegs on one side.
Watching someone ride a fixed gear is kind of like going back in time, (for some of the older rider generation) when everyone used to ride big frames and rigid forks.
I must say I am a fan of them, and bikes like the Specialized  P.Fix look amazing, (pictured above) and is by far one of the best looking fixed gear bikes out there at the moment. For me personally if companies keep their fixed gear bike plain and simple its seems to work best.
In this post I’m going to share with you 8 of the best fixed gear websites to keep up to date with the fixed gear riding scene. If you do fancy getting yourself a fixed gear these sites are the best places to start, to find out the type of set up riders are choosing and what kind of moves they are pulling off on them.
imdlogos Fixed Gear Bike Websites
First up is Iminusd a company based in the states that provides lots of great products for fixed gear bikes, as well as news.
They also have a small team that all ride fixed gear bikes. Iminusd website is always posting some great fixed gear videos that are inspiring, which will make you want to go out a want to grab yourself a fixed gear bike.


pedal consumption Fixed Gear Bike Websites

Pedal Consumption

This is another great website for watching fixed gear videos and checking out the latest products. Pedal Consumption has been around since 2007 and has firmly established itself as a great resource for the fixed gear community.

breakbrake17 300x47 Fixed Gear Bike Websites


Break brake17 was one of the first fixed gear websites I ever came across, tons of information with a large community and following.
The fixed gear bikes and parts they are producing look awesome, with many different styles of fixed gear’s coming out of the breakbrake17 factory.
All the product as far as I am aware are only available in Taiwan, where they are based. There seems to be a huge fixed gear scene in Taiwan with literally hundreds of blogs dedicated to fixed gear bikes than anywhere else.
We would love to see some of BreakBrake17 products over here in the UK, hopefully it wont be to long before we start seeing them.
Tokyo Fixed Gear Trick Frames 300x70 Fixed Gear Bike Websites
Tokyo Fixed believe it or not is not in Tokyo but right here in the UK. They are one of the best places in the UK to get your fixed bike, gear from and you will be spoilt for choice.
They have a very useful blog that is updated frequently with events, new products and videos.One of the great things about is that the can help you build your very own bike! Building and specializing fixed gear bikes to meet riders requirements. So if you have an idea for a bike, drop these guys a line and they will help you bike ideas become a reality.
A great website, and we cant recommend these guys highly enough for the products and services.

unkown bike 300x72 Fixed Gear Bike Websites

A small independent fixed gear manufacturer, who have a good selection of
components and bikes. Again this company is based in the US but still shows you some of bike set ups that are being ridden in the fixed gear street scene. Fixed Gear Bike News 300x51 Fixed Gear Bike Websites

Locked Cog is another American fixed gear website which is fulled to the brim with great videos and product reviews.
I love this website and this is one fixed gear websites I check out daily either to watch a video or just to see whats been going on.
I really hope the fixed gear bike scene takes off over here in the UK as much as it has in the USA, and hopefully with great websites like Locked Cog, it will inspire riders to start riding them.

fixedgearfrenzy Fixed Gear Bike Websites

Fixed Gear Frenzy

Is a very fresh online store selling tones of fixed gear products based in London. They sale almost anything and they have some really nice complete bikes available from their online store. They are also active on Facebook and twitter, where they show off the latest products and give out information about their latest offers and money saving vouchers.

ZLOG Fixed Gear Bike Websites

The final website on this list is Zlogblog. This website has also been dedicated to bringing its readers all the latest news and videos from the fixed gear community in the US.
The great thing about Zlogblog as their great products are available in the UK from Tokyo fixed gear. Hurrah! Great design,information, products and cool stickers. icon smile Fixed Gear Bike Websites

I hope you have found this list of fixed gear bike websites useful and if you’re like me, you’ve probably already possible started thinking “I want one!”
Some of the top online stores for fixed gear bikes as well as Tokyo fixed gear and fixed gear frenzy include;

Evans Cycles who have a HUGE choice of bikes, Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle.

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