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GET Creative Video Competition

This has been around for a little while, but we thought it was about time it was featured on Street Ride. Ben Rowlands who is famous for his GET series of trials videos has put together GETcreative a free trials video competition.

Get creatives main goal – and I quote “Is to hopefully encourage a more vibrant video culture which means a more vibrant riding culture”.

Ben has the support for GETcreative by some of the biggest names in the trials community including Inspired Bikes and Tarty Bikes to give prizes away to help incentivise riders to produce a video.

If you haven’t heard of GETcreative before and are thinking of entering there are two categories which are Novice – riders who receive no sponsorship or support from a company, the second is sponsored which speaks for its self really and there have already been some great video entries.

GETcreative isn’t just about the riding and that’s a key point of this competition you have to be creative in your style of riding and your video production. Which if you fall into the novice category could put you in a great position to win a prize. Ben is also hoping to give prizes out to riders who participate again and I quote: “it’s all about encouraging riders to achieve their own personal best which we will do our best to recognises and helpfully reward”.

All of the videos will be judged by Ben Rowlands, Mark Westlake, Inspired Bikes and Phoenix riders Co.

Capture GET Creative Video Competition

I’am slightly surprised this competition hasn’t taken off like a rocket to be honest as there are some great companies involved, and if you think you’ve got what it takes to produce something creative no matter what ever your level of riding you must get involved with this.

There is a large post on the website how to enter and some ground rules which you can read here, and for more information please visit the GETcreative Facebook page, like it and get filming. You have until the end of August to send your NAME, AGE, TIME RIDING and CATEGORY to and the your video must completed by the end of September.

I for one am extremely excited about seeing the winning videos as there have been some crackers submitted so far, and the best of luck to everyone who is entering.

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