BMX News — 15 May 2012
Heatsinkbikes Sponsor Christian Paterson

Heatsinkbikes have announced that they will be sponsoring a young BMX rider called Christian Paterson. Christian is only 15 years old but is already pulling off some great moves.

In a statement on their Facebook page Heatsinkbikes said:

Heatsinkbikes are proud to be sponsoring young Manchester based BMXer Christian Paterson this year as he rides with Heatsink threads (Hoodie and Tees) and our Yellow CNC Vees. With his range of moves at only 15, his gregarious personality, infectious enthusiasm & persistently motivated approach to BMX it’s going to be a great journey! Check out some of his footage from 2012 so far. Steadier camera footage will come in time as finances permit, but Christian’s riding quality is clear!”

Christian Paterson has released a video though the footage is a little shaky in some parts, you can see why he has grabbed the attention of the guys at heatsinkbikes.


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