Clothing — 20 August 2011
Howies Clothing

Since summer never really arrived we thought we’d share with you some of the best looking autumn t-shirts and hooded sweaters currently available from Howies.

Men & Womens Clothing from Howies

Howies have some really nice men’s clothing and women’s clothing available from their online store we particularly like the ‘Utility Crew‘ sweatshirts as well as the ‘Banjo Shirt‘ available from £39. Howies have stores up and down the UK including London, Herefordshire and highgate.

111m msk3 1835 utility crewsweat blue Howies Clothing

Utility Crew Sweater


111m m509 1825 banjo western shirt aurora Howies Clothing

Howies Banjo Shirt

Howies clothing is very minimalistic and is very hard wearing. Their clothing is also been tested to the max because they sponsor quite a few BMX, mountain bike riders and even skateboarders so you know that the clothes won’t just fall apart when riding.
You can check out all of Howies clothing via their website at

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