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Manitou Circus Expert Forks 2012

Running suspension on your street bike is similar to Marmite, you either love it or hate it. The fork of choice for years has always been ‘Pike’ forks. Rock Shox Pikes are very easy to adjust and you can also fully lock them out, to become fully ridged.

But unfortunately Rock Shox have stopped producing the Pike Fork, which is a real shame as they are truly an awesome suspension fork. So if you are looking for a new suspension fork for street riding, or looking to make the change from ridged to suspension, what fork would you go for?

One suspension fork we have been hearing quite a lot about recently is the Manitou Circus. For street riding finding the perfect fork is difficult sometimes, as you don’t want loads of travel, they need to be light and also strong enough to cope with the demands of street riding.

The Manitou Circus Expert Forks comes in either 80mm, 100mm, 130mm which gives you a great choice. Personally we good for either the 80-100mm travel fork in white. The Manitou Circus Expert Forks are disc only forks, which is no problem if you aren’t running brakes or discs brakes.

Manitou Circus fork are also incredibly light, which is why they are perfect for street riding, but also strong enough to handle what ever you throw at them.
The one thing that might put you off about the Manitou Circus fork is the reverse arch on the fork, especially when it comes to foot Jams, but don’t let that put you off.

The circus fork does come with a complete lockout feature as well, which will still compress under really heavy impacts. Which is pretty cool, if you are pulling off big moves having a little give is not a bad thing.

The Manitou Circus fork is light, strong, stiff and with a great price tag you wont find a better fork for the same money.

Fork Spec below:

Damping: Jumpstack
Adjustments: Air Preload, Compression, Lockout & Rebound
Spring: Firm (extra firm available in Aftermarket) w/Air preload
Stanchions: 32mm straight wall 7050 Aluminium
Steerer: Aluminium
Crown: Forged Aluminium
Weight: 2.05kgs actual weight

moreinfo black Manitou Circus Expert Forks 2012

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