Videos — 09 October 2012
Martyn Ashton Road Bike Party Video

Martyn Ashton has done it again and if you haven’t seen ‘Road Bike Party’ yet you are in for a real treat!

Martyn Ashton takes a £10k carbon road bike and really puts it through its paces. The bike which is used in the Road Bike Party video is actually used by Team Sky’s Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish.  It is also the very same bike that won the 2012 Tour de France, so you know this bike should definitely not be pulling backflips!

I literally couldn’t stop watching this video, every large move that was pulled off was then dashed by an even more ridiculous move than the previous one.

Road Bike Party was filmed by Robin Kitchin and looks like they both had a lot of fun filming this video.  Filmed in quite a few locations in the UK, including our local spot of Bristol, it still blows my mind that Martyn can jump on any bike and still pull off moves that mere mortals such as ourselves would struggle to do, or could only dream of pulling off on a bike we’ve been riding for years!

Huge props go out to Martyn and Robin for creating another jaw dropping video but I think I’ll be sticking to my 24” for the time being.

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