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Neil Tunnicliffe Interview

Street Ride was lucky enough to interview one of the UKs best street trials riders.  If you have been living under a rock for the last few years and have never seen Neil Tunnicliffe ride before, his latest video ‘No Problem’ is at the bottom of the interview. icon smile Neil Tunnicliffe Interview

Tell us a bit about the bike you are currently riding and the set up?

I’m currently riding the 2010 Echo control (seen in Neil Tunnicliffe – No Problem Video) Really like the geometry of the frame. The set up is pretty much all Echo parts but the rear hub and front brake. I use Chris king hub for the ultimate reliability! and for the front brake I use Avid bb7 205mm cable disk brake, the brake has some unbelievable stopping power! Everything else is Echo standard.

neil1 Neil Tunnicliffe Interview

Where is your favourite place to ride?

My favorite place to ride has to be Bristol. I love the curved walls there, and all the riders from around there are really sound people!

What moves are you practicing this winter?

There are a few moves that I need to perfect over winter and that is hooks! There not constant enough for my liking, so I need to get on practicing them more often. Also I would like to film more flow moves – join the moves up with longer lines. I always say I will join them up and make proper longer lines but I always end up finding the biggest riding and just nailing one huge move after another!

Apart from riding, what are your other passions and hobbies?

My other hobbies are cars and going to the gym. By going to the gym I feel as though its helping me with my riding, I think getting stronger and bigger is good for trials.

neil3 Neil Tunnicliffe Interview

In your videos the moves you are pulling off are HUGE! Do you keep a record of them? If so care to share any of your personal records?

I sometimes carry a tape measure in my bag when I am out ( sad I no ) just for curious reasons really. Sometimes I come across large walls and just make sure I am capable of doing it. Trials can be miss leading because sometimes I will go out and struggle with 10ft gap and some good days its 11ft. Gaps go around 11ft – Hooks can reach 6ft + and side hops has been 58″ ish.

The moves you are pulling off aren’t small, have you ever injured yourself badly?

I do fail quite bad sometimes but there normally on small stupid things. The worst injury was back in 2006 when I broke my ankle and had to have 4 screws in my ankle. I will never forget that but (touch wood) I have done quite well so far not to have any more bad crashes!

Neil 9smaller Neil Tunnicliffe Interview

Do you ride any other discipline?

I currently have a Mongoose down hill bike that I love to trek around on. Sometimes its nice just to ride a proper bike and go miles and miles on.

A lot of street trials riders are inspired by you, but who are you inspired by?

There are a lot of very good riders out there that I watch on YouTube. The top Spanish/French riders when there riding street can be interesting. I also get inspired by music, I often ride with music in my ere when i am out!

What are your plans for the future?

As for riding goes just keep carrying on with what I am doing. I really enjoy making videos. I am tempted to enter a few competitions too.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud I have kept riding over the years and my website currently has 211,000 views on there. Its often updated as much as I can and I am glad people like to view my page often. I have also been on a few TV programs around the world.

Finally is there anybody you would like to give a shout out to, or thank?

I would like to thank Deng (echo/zoo owner) for supplying me with bikes.
TNN engineering for the best brake pads around.
All my friends for filming and pushing me in the sport – without them there would be no videos!

Thanks to everyone that watch and enjoy my videos.

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