News — 22 November 2011
NS Bikes 2012 Lemon and Lime product line

The new 2012 lemon and lime parts from NS Bikes are alot like Marmite, except they are not brown.

Here at StreetRide we love the new lemon and lime colour schems! NS Bikes showed off their the lemon and lime full bike and parts at Eurobike 2012. As you can imagine the NS bike tent was full of people hoping to get a look at the new parts. In low light the full NS Bike must almost look like its glowing/radio active.

I am sure if you turned up at your local trails or park you would get a lot of attention and we’d love one! NS bikes are paving the way for other companies to be more adventurous in their choice of colours.



lemon lime bike 05 300x200 NS Bikes 2012 Lemon and Lime product line

20111115 lemon lime NS Bikes 2012 Lemon and Lime product line


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