Reviews — 07 May 2011
Octane One D2 alloy crank set

For 2011 octane-one have a lovely set of fresh cranks and bash guard combo, in some great colours.
The cranks themselves are made out of D2 aluminium. They look awesome and with the option of choosing from 3 different colours which include black, blue and white. These new cranks from octane-one are the perfect choice for any street or dirt bike set up, and are a ISIS crank design made out of the very strong aluminium 7050.

D2 white 137 102 80 Octane One D2 alloy crank setD2 blue 137 102 80 Octane One D2 alloy crank set
They also come with two chain rings which gives the option to run either a 22 or 32 tooth chain ring. The guard is the very solid but light polycarbonate guard.

A quick summary of the cranks:
Alloy 7050 crank arms

Arm length: 170mm


Chain ring size:32 or 22 tooth

Bash Guard: Transparent PC / Polycarbonate guard

Weight: 820g

Colours: black, blue, white


For more information on any of the Octane one products check out their website. Also check out the UK distributor Hotlines.

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