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Olloclip 3-In-1 iPhone lens

Like most riders filming is one of the most enjoyable things to do, and finding a new line to try and then film or photo is great.
But having to carry a handy cam around with you can be a bit of a burden, plus if you need a tripod, lenses spare batteries etc you end up carrying quite a lot of large expensive kit around with you. That’s where Olloclip comes in.


olloclip2 300x272 Olloclip 3 In 1 iPhone lens

The Olloclip allows you to quickly connect the Olloclip lens to your Phone 4 & iPhone 4S. It also has a 3 in 1 lens including Fisheye, Wide-Angle and Macro.
It fits easily into your pocket or bag, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your handy cam with you all the time.
As soon as the Olloclip is connected to the iPhone it is ready to go, and being able to switch between lenses is really easy. Of course it is worth baring in mind that the film footage will not be as good as say a HD camera, because you are using the mega pixel of iPhone camera. Still, it will produce a good picture, and is the perfect solution for easy filming.

I am sure you will agree that the Olloclip looks pretty cool, and being able to produce pretty good footage with something you can carry around in one pocket is brilliant!

Lets talk about a little bit more about the lenses that the Olloclip has:

olloclip 300x216 Olloclip 3 In 1 iPhone lens

Wide Angle Lens:
Out of the three lens this is the smallest one and the most useful. When using an iPhone the lens is quite small and restrictive, but the wide angle lens makes so much difference. It allows to fit so much more in if you are filming in a tight spot.

The Fish Eye Lens:
This is a great lens to have in your pocket. The Olloclip fish eye lens allows you to capture so much more than the standard iPhone lens. If you have used a fish eye before you will know that sometimes you get large black outline of the lens which appears whilst filming. With the Olloclip fish eye, you don’t have this problem.

The Macro Lens:
Once you have removed the wide angle lens, the Macro lens on the Olloclip will allow you to take very close photos. This lens is not recommended for filming purposes, as it will appear all blurry. The Macro lens will allows you to get right up close to an object (about an 1”) which is perfect for taking pictures of new bike parts etc.

olloclip3 300x233 Olloclip 3 In 1 iPhone lens

We absolutely love the Olloclip lens and at around £60.00 its not massively expensive, when you take into account that you have 3 lenses in 1 and to buy them individual would cost around about the same for a decent set anyway. Love how portable the lenses are, and if you have an iPhone this is a great thing to have on you when you go for a street ride.

moreinfo black Olloclip 3 In 1 iPhone lens

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