Reviews — 08 May 2011
Proof H bars from NS bikes Co

The brand new 2011 handle bars from NS bikes called the Proof H bars are massive! Compared to the 2010 design they are wider and have more rise.The are not far off 29” wide, which is roughly 730mm long, with a 3.32 inch rise on them roughly 84mm.They are made from 7050 alloy, which provides great strength! (Which is a good thing due to the size of them.)

NS bikes make some fantastic products and these Proof H bars are no exception! If you are looking for a new set of bars for your steed, then look no further than the Proof H bars from NS bikes. They are an obvious choice for their team riders Sam Pilgrim so you know they can handle most things thrown at them.
58165 1red 300x200 Proof H bars from NS bikes Co
They are available in 4 colours including black, lime, red, silver/blue and a very nice white.Full spec of the bars is below:

● Material: 7050 T6 alloy

● Clamp: 25.4 mm

● Width: 730mm / 28.7”

● rise 84mm / 3.3”

● Backsweep: 10°

● Upsweep: 4°

You can get the Proof H bars from Chain Reaction via their website.

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