Events — 27 August 2011
Red Bull Street Light Sessions

As we are sure you are aware by now Danny MacAskill is one of the best street trials riders in the world right now! He has recently had massive success after the launch of his latest street video which was shown as part of the Street Summer on Channel.
Danny MacAskill next challenge he is asking fellow trials riders to come and meet him and show him what you can do.

Danny Macaskill is back on the road in September 2011 for the very first Red Bull Street Light Sessions.
Danny will be in Bristol first (Dates below) and then heads up north to Manchester. The idea of Red Bull Street Light Sessions is opened to all trials riders across the UK country to come and ride alongside Danny in two of the best street riding cities in the UK.
So if you are looking for a challenge or would simple just like to meet the main man sign up here.

For Red Bull Street Light Sessions, Red Bull have also got some great companies involved including Inspired Bicycles and the legend that is Martyn Ashton to help give advice to the young guns of the sport. This will also include a‘Street Light Taster Sessions’ that will take place in both city locations.

The UK venues

City: Bristol
Venue: Castle Park, Bristol, BS1 3XD
Date: Saturday 17th September 2011
Closing date for applications: Monday 12th September 2011

City: Manchester
Venue: River Street Development, River Street, Manchester, M1
Date: Saturday 8th October 2011
Closing date for applications: Monday 3rd October 2011

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