Events News — 08 December 2011
RedBull Downforce Race Swansea 2011

On Sunday the 4th of December Redbull hosted a very successful RedBull Downforce Race through Swansea.
It was a great event with the street being slightly slippery, lots of tights corners and some awesome riders.

The results for the race are below:


  1. Sorrell Rowan 2:15.807
  2. Thickens Michael 2:20.499 4.692
  3. Whiles Nikki 2:20.920 5.113
  4. Hampton Greg 2:21.644 5.837
  5. Stuttard Mathew 2:21.810 6.003
  6. Baker Ben 2:23.077 7.270
  7. Drake Gary 2:23.185 7.37
  8. Moulson David 2:29.531 13.724

It was a great event and a big shout out to Redbull for organising such a great event, and hopefully we will see some more Redbull Downforce events soon in other towns and cities in the UK.
I Personally would love to see one in Bath city, or even Bristol. What do you think RedBull icon smile RedBull Downforce Race Swansea 2011

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