Events — 21 September 2011
Redbull Street light Session in Bristol

We were all very excited about the very first Red Bull Street Light Session which was held in Castle Park right in the centre of Bristol, on Saturday the 17th of September.

If you are familiar with Bristol you will know that castle park is a great place to ride anyway, but Red Bull provided a purpose built course built around the existing walls and layout of Castle Park. Martyn Ashton also designed the entire course to make it quite a spectacular event for us and all the other spectators huddled together.

Not only was the man of the moment, Danny Macaskill at the event but a large number of other professional riders turned up as well to see if they could get their hands on the £500 prize for best trick and ride of the evening.

It was really nice to see Chris Akrigg at the event after his horrific accident and he was judging the event. (Did a good job to!)

The competition at the end was won by a 16 year old rider called Euan Beaden, who pulled off some great tricks to be a deserving winner of the £500.

It was a great evening, a great promotion of the sport and we are sorry its taken us this long to write about it. icon smile Redbull Street light Session in Bristol

If you would like to see a full set of Photos of the night that were taken by No Limits Photography click here to see the full slideshow.

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