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Rider Interview With Jack Meek

Hi Jack, can you tell us a bit about yourself for the readers of Street Ride?

I’m 28 years old, live in Henley on Thames Oxfordshire. I am a massive fan on of anything with two wheels. My love for riding has leaded me into a career of riding for a living, for which I am truly thankful for and cannot thank enough the people I have worked for.


How long have you been riding for?

13 years.

What is your current bike setup?

A 26” Zhi Team stock with comp set up and another 26” stock Inspired Hex with a Street set up.

You organised a successful event last year called RadFest, are there any plans to make the event an annual event?

Totally. RadFest 2012 is going to be bigger and better. New website, new events, comps, prizes, live bands and DJ’s, hot food, showers and Trade stands at the top trials centre in the UK. Visit for more info about RadFest

Where is your favourite place to ride?

It was Sabadell in Barcelona. I visit there a few times a year for family and riding. It has now been beaten to first place by Radicalbikes Biketrial centre. I practically live there during the summer. Ha Ha Ha

What moves/tricks are you practicing currently?

Well I have a lot of show moves under my belt and love technical stuff which is much more self satisfying than to watch. I would say it’s a mix between strength and flexibility to make the moves I know better or the BACKFLIP. I Love back flips.

Some of the moves you have pulled off in the past have been crazy! (Front flipping off a wall) have you ever injured yourself badly?

No I have been so lucky. I have had some seriously scary moments that could of ended my career. I would say its because you get bruises along the way you learn to respect moves that you try that are dangerous, and you do them when you are fully confident and pumped for them.

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You are currently at a superb level of riding, what advice would you give to anyone who would like to give street trials ago?

Ride with friends with whatever bikes you have and make the most of it. If you have been watching videos of riders that inspire you, get straight out and get riding while you’re still pumped after watching them. Have fun, you will know its right when you get a kick out of it for any level of rider. If you fall off you must laugh it’s not worth getting angry over. Helmets are better on than off from experience.

Where do you see the sport of trials riding in five years? As this year it’s had a lot of coverage in the media, and some moves have been adapted from other disciplines.

This is the hard to analyze a growing niche sport and its direction. My hopes are that it keeps on growing and reaches a larger audience and people/riders can enjoy it as much as I do. On a serious statement as to where the sport is going, Facebook is getting all the riders through its clever facilities of social networking to chat and keep in contact through groups.

The information passes around so quickly these days I genuinely don’t know. I am just doing my thing which is being the organiser of RadFest Biketrial festival so that riders from anywhere can come to annual event and have a awesome interactive weekend on their bikes. I hope there are more Street competitions and I hope to see more riders having the opportunity to make a living out of Trials / Street trials riding for sure.

You have produced some amazing videos in the past, are there any more currently in the pipeline?

I don’t know many camera guys who have the time to follow me around and make a video so I end up riding mostly un-filmed. I have my own camera and have started to film my friends to promote their talents. Role reversal.

jack meek london drop in2 279x300 Rider Interview With Jack Meek

Who inspires you to get on your bike and go for a ride?

Coffee and my local group of riding buddies I’m involved with including many riders from around the world and my local trials riff raff group which consist of about 40+ riders round my local area. We are literally a bunch of riff raff that have a huge amount of banter and meet up and go street riding.

What are you up to when you are not riding a bike?

It’s normally catching up with family and old buddies. Doing a bit of admin and paying bills (yuck) I am also organising RadFest 2012 for June 29th – 1st July. A bit of bike mechanical work and watching online videos of Street Riding.

What are you most proud of?

Having a go at the World Championship BIU in Japan and Organising RadFest Biketrial festival and last but not least, the support I get from my family and girlfriend Carolina.

Finally Jack, is there anyone you would like to thank?

Massive thanks to (Mick and Maria) for their support, the demo teams that I have worked for and I hope to carry on working for them in the future. Shout out to RIFF RAFF RIDERS!

Thank you as well Street Ride for the interview. Awesome site, awesome content and I’ve just clicked the Like button.

Editor: Thanks again to Jack Meek for this interview and providing some great answers to the questions. Hopefully we will see more of Jack on in the future and we will of course keep you updated on future events he is organising.

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