Trials Videos — 11 November 2012
Ryan Leech Video

Why #2 – Ryan Leech from Dan Barham on Vimeo.

What ever discipline you ride whether it is street, trials, BMX the end goal for most riders is to either receive support from bike manufactures, one of the many clothing companies out there or even turning pro.

With so much great talent out there riders all over the world are dreaming of turning pro and doing what they love the most, which is riding. Being able to wake up in the morning, grab your bike and ride for a living is a pipe dream to many and with the bar being set so high by the pros, actually turning pro can be difficult.

For those of you who have been riding long enough and who can remember Ryan Leech, who has been in trials films such as Evolve and more recently the epic Manifesto, recently filmed a short documentary about being a pro.

We often get to see the finished product of so many pro riders, latest videos etc, but never really get to hear from them what’s its like being a pro and what their days involve.

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