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The best 24″ street tyres

Its that time again for another Top 10! This top 10 features some of the best 24” tyres from some of the biggest brands including Maxxis, Tioga, and DMR.

The Maxxis Hookworm.

11933 The best 24 street tyres

Now to be fare the Maxxis Hookworm is not exactly the cheapest 24” in the world but we think is worth every penny. The tyre offers so much grip in damp and dry weather (and in the UK that is essential).
The tyre has been engineered to last with a good size to at 24”x 2.5” and has been designed to be run at high pressures up to 65psi. Though when they are pumped up they are heavy so if weight is a issue then these tyres are not for you. But again because the rubber on the Maxxis hookworm is so tough you don’t have to worry about riding over glass again!

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

DMR Moto R/T 24-Inch Tyre

11539 The best 24 street tyres

We think this is DMR’s best tyre they have made. DMR produced this tyre after not being able to find a decent tyre for their “Rhythm Bike”. Street tyres don’t come much better then the DMR Moto, a great tyre at a great price.

The DMR Moto is available in two different sizes including 2.2″ or 2.4″ and can be run at high pressures. A great tyre and defiantly at home on the streets.

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

Tioga Power Block

tyre3 300x300 The best 24 street tyres

The Tioga Power Block tyre is a pretty good set of street tyres. If you are looking for purely a street tyre these tyres are just the job. The Tioga Power Block also does quite well on the dirt to! Obviously in dryer conditions and not in the wet.
Don’t let the price of the Tioga Power Block put you off as they offer superb value for money.

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

Tioga Skidrow

22232 The best 24 street tyres

Another great tyre from Tioga called the ‘Skidrow’.
The Tioga Skidrow is only available in 24 x 2.1 which and it perfect for street riding. Plenty of grip around the whole surface of the tyre perfect for wall rides.

Not as good as the Tioga power block but still a decent tyre, and at £20 you cant really grumble.

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

Schwalbe Crazy Bob Tyre

24631 The best 24 street tyres

The Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyre performs pretty well in most conditions we tested it in. Awesome tyre for street riding and even performs pretty well on dirt as well (on a dry day). The Crazy Bob worked well on loose and dry dirt, as you would expect from a tyre of this design not really suitable for wet conditions especially mud.

We tested the tyres at the front and the rear and they looked pretty good as well! At home in the indoor or outdoor parks, a bit dodgy on metal parks though so take care.

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

DMR Transition Dual Play Tyre

11540 The best 24 street tyres

Another great 24” tyre from DMR offering fantastic grip for street riding. The DMR Transition dual play tyres give you the confidence to pull off those big moves because they just do not slip out! They are pretty tough too allowing you to ride straight through class with out having to worry about getting a puncture.
DMR have also designed this tyre well because it holds up well on dirt as well. All in all DMR have come with a fantastic street tyre!

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

Odyssey Path P-Lyte 24″ Tyre

51012 The best 24 street tyres

Everybody has heard of Odyssey and their products are renowned for being expensive but also hard wearing and the Path P-Lyte 24” tyre is not exception. As you would expect from any decent street tyre The Path P-Lyte has a low tread which allows for minimal rolling resistance. The tyres feel really nice on concrete in the parks and feel comfortable in the wet to!

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

Odyssey Mike Aitken P-Lyte 24″ Tyre

51020 The best 24 street tyres

The second 24” tyre from Odyssey in this Top 10.
If we had to choose from either the ‘Path’ or the ‘Aitken’ it would have to be the Aitken, it just feels a lot more comfortable in the parks. If you’ve been learning to grind you will know that you can get through a set of tyres quite quickly. The Odyssey Aitken tyres have solid sidewalls and will not tare when grinding. Good job to as the price tag for these tyres isn’t exactly cheap!

Using these tyres in the wet whilst riding the park will still give you the confidence to carry out tricks in the wet, pretty good in the dirt too.

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

Schwalbe Marathon Tyre

24761 The best 24 street tyres

If you are in the market for a good budget tyre then the Schwalbe Marathon Tyre is for you. The Schwalbe Marathon Tyre provides pretty good grip in the wet and rolling resistance is pretty good. Not the strongest tyre in the world, so don’t go riding into any glass as the puncture protection performance is pretty crap.

But were pleasantly surprised how much grip this relatively cheap tyre did provide, so if you are looking for a cheap set of tyres the Schwalbe Marathon tyre is for you. A great value tyre.

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

Maxxis Holy Roller Tyre

11545 The best 24 street tyres

The last tyre on this list is the perfect tyre for you if you do lots of different styles of riding. Providing huge amounts of grip in the wet and the dry and is a great tyre on dirt to thanks to the design.
The Maxxis Holy Roller can also be pumped up to huge pressures and has good rolling resistance considering the large lumps of rubber! The Holy Roller is fantastic tyre especially in dry conditions, and wont let you down.

moreinfo black The best 24 street tyres

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