Events — 16 February 2012
The Red Bull Hill Chasers Event

Last year saw the very first Red Bull Hill Chasers event in Bristol. The event was organised to settle a dispute as to which type of bike wold be faster in an uphill sprint. This wasn’t just any hill, it was possibly the steepest hill in Bristol located on Park Street.

The event was great laugh and the Red Bull Hill Chasers event is back for 2012! Red Bull Hill Chasers is an event open to all types of bikes from BMX, Mountain bike, and fixed gear. What ever your ride is and if you think you’ve got what it takes to out pace a roadie on his carbon fiber bike on your street bike then make sure you go.

Red Bull Hill Chasers Event Info

The Red Bull Hill Chasers event will  takes place on the famous Bristol park street starting at 7pm on Saturday February 18th.  Park street in located about 20 minute ride from the train station and is is located right near the Bristol council offices.

Red Bull Hill Chaser will involve 16 invited elite riders from all different riding back grounds and 16 amateur cyclists who will be able to compete against the pros. The Red Bull Hill Chaser event will feature head to head knock out rounds, which will add to the competitiveness of each race on one of the steepest hills in Bristol. All the riders who are entering will paired up randomly against one another giving some of the 16 amateur riders the chance to race against the pros. The event attracts some big names in the past including Danny MacAskill so expect the competition to be tough!

Watch the Video for some of last years highlights by clicking here and for more information on the Red Bull Hill Chasers event head on over to Red Bull for more details.

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