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Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

OK, we admit it’s been a little while since our last Top 10 list, so we’ve decided to dust off the laptop and share with you what we believe to be the best flat mountain bike pedals. You know its that time when you have to change your pedals when your feet slip off even in the dry, or you hear creaking noises coming from your pedals. Choosing can be difficult because it can change the whole feel of the bike, so finding the right set of pedals is important and hopefully our top 10 list will help you out. icon smile Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

First up is the Nukeproof Proton Pedal 2012.

53215 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

The 2012 Nukeproof pedals are just as good as last years pedals and are incredible grippy and rock-solid underfoot. These little beauties are engineered to give you the best grip no matter what the riding conditions are. They are also tough enough to handle pedal grinds and with replaceable pins, you don’t have to worry about loosing a few in the process.  The Nukeproof Proton pedals have been tried and tested to destruction, whilst still being incredibly light weight, I would consider the Nukeproof Proton Pedals to be some serious competition for the famous and widely used DMR V12.

Nukeproof Features Below:

  • Low-profile parallelogram design
  • 10 replaceable and adjustable pins per side
  • CNC machined for improved strength-to-weight ratio
  • 2 x high quality DU bushings & 4 x sealed cartridge bearings
  • Laser-etched graphics
  • Body: Forged 6061-T6 alloy
  • Axle: CroMo
  • Weight (per pair): Alu/CroMo 438g

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Shimano MX30 Flat Pedals

547 1 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

The Shimano MX30 pedals have been around for as long as I can remember, and they haven’t really changed over the years.

They are a lot heavier compared to the other mountain bikes pedals in this list but are one of the most reliable platform pedals.

Our only beef with the Shimano MX30 pedals is that they aren’t very good in the wet, and if you wear flat skate style shoes to ride they are a bit of a nightmare. However, they do have some great features such as the option to change the pins to a longer set, so if you do find that your feet are slipping off our advice to you would be to change them.

Shimano MX30 Features Below:

  • Cartridge-style chrome-moly axle
  • High strength casting process for strength and precise shape of pedal body
  • Weight (w/o cleats): 492g/pair

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Gusset PCP Plastic Pedals

40073 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

I know what you’re thinking…they’re plastic. But don’t let that put you off. Not only do these pedals look great, but they offer a surprising amount of grip even in the wet. At around £12 these pedals are an absolutely bargain! I have seen these pedals come as standard on quite a few fixed gear bikes and basic BMX bikes, and have to admit I am a fan of them. They are available in 4 different colours and if you are in the market for a set of cheap pedals then the Gusset PCP pedals are just the ticket.

The Gusset PCP plastic pedals of course are little bit like Marmite-You either love them or hate them and I for one love them.

Gusset PCP Plastic Pedals Features:

  • Low cost performance pedal
  • Axle – 9/16″
  • Various translucent colours.
  • Weight – 360g

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Next up the Octane One Static Pro Pedals 2012

58617 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

This years Static One pedals from Octane  One are just outstanding. They are very strong, yet also remain light at around 444 grams. The Static Pro pedals are built on high quality sealed bearings and like most mountain bike pedals, the Octane One Static Pro Pedals come with removable pins which can easily be replaced to maintain grip. Our only issues with these pedal is that the bright colour paint job looks ace, but the paint does not take long before it starts to flake off.

Static Pro Pedals Features:

  • Sealed bearings + bushing
  • 11 pins on each side,
  • Platform: 95mm x 90mm,
  • Thickness: 20mm,
  • Weight only 444g

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

DMR V12 Magnesium

484 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

I am a huge fan of the DMR V12 pedals and they just seem to go on for years and years before you have any issues with them. You can of course buy the ‘Wellgo’ copies of the V12, but they certainly aren’t as good as the DMR V12 Magnesium.

The V12 magnesium pedals are one of the best pedals currently available on the market, and I am surprised that no other manufacture has considered using titanium axles.  The DMR V12 Magnesium pedal have been constructed using a magnesium alloy that is 30% lighter than aluminium but is still as bomb proof. The other noticeable difference between the V12 and the V12 Magnesium is an impressive 100 grams  weight difference, totalling 354 grams when fitted with optional titanium axles.

Features of the Mag V12:

  • Colours: Bone Grey, Code Red, Diamond Black, Silver, White
  • All the great features of the standard V12, but…
  • Exclusive colours and gold end caps distinguish
  • These top-flight pedals from the rest of the bunch
  • Die-cast from a special magnesium alloy which is 30%
  • Lighter than aluminium but just as tough
  • Weight: 434g, 354g when fitted with optional titanium axles

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Deity Components Decoy 2.5 Pedals

68552 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

The Deity Decoy Pedals are certainly worth considering if you are thinking of running a new set of pedals.

The Deity pedals offer plenty of grip in all conditions and are nice and wide, locking in the shoe comfortably. They are available in 5 different colours and the total weight for the pair is around 425 grams.

Though a little expensive compares to the DMR V12 Mag pedals the Deity Decoy pedals look great and run smooth.

Important note:

If ordered directly from Deity you may be charged import tax on top of the total price, but they are available from online stores such as Chain Reaction Cycles.

  • Super thin 17mm profile
  • Incredibly light minimalistic design
  • Concave design for exceptional grip
  • DU Bushing and Double Micro Sealed Bearing system
  • Extruded and CNC Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminium
  • 8 Allen pins per side keep your feet glued
  • Non-screw style Allen pins keep your threads from being damaged during removal
  • Stepped Black polished Cr-Mo axle
  • Fully serviceable without requiring removal from the bike
  • Rebuild kits available
  • Uses an 8mm Allen for installation
  • Weight: 425g (pair)

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

NS Bikes Aerial Pro Pedal 2012

55260 2 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

The Aerial Pro pedals from NS bikes are used by some of the best riders in the world right now, and certainly won’t let you down. Released in 2012 these pedals where such a success that the 2012 models are unchanged. NS Bikes have gone with the theory that, ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’.

The Aerial Pro Pedals have been designed to be a low profile pedal whilst being maintenance free, lightweight and a stylish looking all  at a great price.

NS Bikes Aerial Pro Pedal Features:

  • Thickness: 19mm
  • Platform size: 105x106mm
  • Weight: 390g

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

DMR Vault Pedal

62237 2 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Dubbed the next generation of DMR pedal, the DMR Vault Pedal sits nicely between the V8 and the V12 pedals. The offer plenty of grip which is a good job to, as if these pedals do make contact with your shin, you would probably require stitches. The grip can be fully customisable however by fitting longer or shorter pins into the pedals to accommodate you.

The DMR Vault pedals are available in some fantastic colours and I am particularly fond of the bright blue colour.

These pedals are also ridiculously light at 400 grams, but are more the capable of taking a few blows.

DMR Vault Features:

  • Big – 115mm x 115mm.
  • Light – 400gms per pair.
  • Slim – 17mm concave foot bed.
  • Tough – Extruded 6061 aluminium and 4140 CroMo steel axles.
  • Tuneable – 11 ‘flipPin’ per pedal can be fitted ‘short’ or ‘long’ to fine tune the grip available.
  • Serviceable – High load DU bush and cartridge bearing

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Dartmoor Bikes Stream Pro Pedals

53215 1 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Dartmoor Stream Pedals are the new lightweight aluminium die casted pedals from Dartmoor bikes. These pedals offer plenty of grip with ten pins on each side with six being replaceable, and are supported by a strong body design.

Roughly around 440 grams in weight, they are not the lightest pedals but offer fantastic value for money at £22.00 from Slam69.

Stream Pro Pedals Features.

  • Height: 18mm.
  • Platform size: 90x95mm.
  • Weight: 440g.

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Nukeproof Electron Pedal 2012

60114 Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Sitting nicely alongside the Proton pedal featured at the start of this list, the Electron pedal is another fantastic pedal from the Nukeproof component range. The Electron Pedal features cartridge bearings, rubber seals, and has six replaceable pins on each side of the pedal body.

Again Nukeproof have created a pedal that is pretty bomb proof but at the same time weighs almost next to nothing at 338 grams for the set. If you are looking for a set of pedals that are going to last and not going to break the bank, the Nukeproof Electron Pedal could be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Super Tough Nylon Construction.
  • Sealed Cartridge Bearings.
  • Durable rubber lip seals reduce water ingress.
  • 12 replaceable pins.
  • Weight: 338g.

moreinfo black Top 10 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

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