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Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

This is a new feature for us and we intend to stick with. So welcome to the first street ride top 10! Our first top ten is a selection of some of the best street frames available current on the market.

First up is the Majesty Park Frame from NS Bikes.

58184 300x212 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

Majesty Park Frame


The NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame 2011 is available from £427.99 and is based mostly on the geometry of the Suburban 24, but offers a steeper head angle and slightly higher bb. The geometry is perfect for 24” wheels however the frame is actually designed for 26” wheels.

Compared to the Dirt version, the Majesty Park has a higher BB and is great for rigid and low travel suspension forks with 60-100mm of travel. With the steep head angle it makes the NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame really flicky. The Majesty Park Frame also comes with a integrated headset and can easily take BMX cranksets.

Specification for the Majesty Park Frame includes

  • top tube Park: 552mm / 21.7”
  • chain stays:, Park: 374mm / 14.7” slammed
  • frame size: Park: 301mm / 11.8”
  • head tube stack: 115mm / 4.5”
  • Geo with 485mm axle to crown fork (~100mm travel)
  • head tube angle: 69.5°
  • seat tube angle: Park: 70.5°
  • BB height: Park: +15mm
  • wheel base: Park: 1009mm

For more information on the NS Bikes Majesty Park Frame moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

The Black Market Bikes MOB Frame is available from £459.98. The Black Market Bikes MOB Frame is very strong and is hand made in the USA.

47777 300x171 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

MOB Frame


The Black Market Bikes MOB comes in a great choice of colours including a rather fresh orange, with some pretty cool grahpics.

The MOB frame as stated above is handmade from “100% True Temper Super Therm Full Custom Drawn and Butted tubing”. This frame can handle anything that is thrown at it, and is just as happy on the concrete as it is on dirt and the trails.

Some of the features of the MOB Frame include:

  • Ultra light chainstay and seatstay bridges
  • Integrated headset & seat clamp, 73mm euro bb, disc mounts
  • Weight of the frame 5.1lbs / 2.26kg

For more information on the MOB Frame moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

Next up is the Spank Spoon One2One Frame. Priced at around £250 its not as expensive as some of the other frames featured on this post, but still a worthy entry. We wouldn’t  class this frame as a “Budget Frame” but as a starter frame.

65117 1 300x225 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

Spank Spoon


So if you are new to street riding and don’t want to spend £500+ on a frame then the Spank Spoon One2One frame is perfect. You may be looking to purchase another bike to build up and have a complete different setup again this frame doesn’t break the bank.

The size spec includes:

  • Top Tube 575mm
  • Head Tube Angle: 70
  • Head Tube Length: 117.5mm
  • Seat Tube Angle: 69
  • Seat Tube Length: 316.7mm
  • Chainstay Length: 390mm
  • Wheelbase: 626.6mm
  • Weight: 5 lb 7.5 oz (2.5 kg)

If you would like to find out more information about the Spank Spoon One2One frame please follow the more info button moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

The next two frames are from DMR.

When we first started riding DMR bikes were one of the most popular frames at the time and they are still going strong! With a great choice of frames for the trails as well as the streets! So first up from DMR bikes is the very solid Drone Reptoid Frame.

65014 300x200 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

DMR Drone Reptoid Frame


The Drone Reptoid Frame is just under £200 and is at home in the park or the trails! The one thing that strikes you about the Drone Reptoid Frame is just how small and manoeuvrable  it is. Especially if you are looking to run 24” wheels on it, it feels more like a BMX when in the air as it is so light.

As im sure you are aware that DMR bikes have a reputation for making high quality products more affordable, and the Drone Reptoid Frame is no exception.
The frame is made from Cro-Mo 4130 and comes with some pretty cool graphics to boot!

More spec/features of the Drone Reptoid Frame include;

  • Frame Weight: 6lbs• Rear Spacing: QR, 135x10mm
  • Headset Style: Standard 1 1/8”
  • Frame Material: Cro-mo 4130 tubing
  • BB Shell Width: 68mm
  • Dropouts: Horizontal
  • Seat Post Diameter: 25.4mm
  • Seat Clamp Diameter: 28.6mm
  • Fork Length: 80mm
  • Disc / V-Brake Frame
  • Wheel Size: 24” or 26”

In summary if you are looking for a frame under £200, yet still looking for top quality then look no further than the Drone Reptoid from DMR is perfect.

moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

The DMR 898 frame is one of there top frames and is at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to price compared to the Drone and is priced around £390.

49690 300x260 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

DMR 898 Hardtail Frame

A great looking frame and built to last!

The DMR 898  comes with a custom butted tubing and is engineered  from a special steel alloy. Which we have been informed after the frame has been heat treated, make the frame around 40% stronger allowing thinner tube wall dimensions, to allow for a  reduce total weight.

The DMR 898 is fantastically engineered with a CNC machined head tube and drop outs. Really sort chain stays on the DMR 898 make popping manuals a piece of cake. One last cool feature of the DMR 898 is that because the frame has a Mid BB has bigger stronger bearings that fit directly into the frame to save weight and does not require the cups.

moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

This next frame is one of our favourites here at, the Black Market frame called “The Contraband”.

58119 300x180 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

Black Market Bikes Contraband Frame 2011

Simple design but looks and feels awesome. Again this frame is hand built and is made from Sanko Heat-Treated, double butted, seamless tubing.

The Contraband feels solid when ridden, but flicky at the same time and pulling off spins in easy to achieve.The Contraband is a 24” Specific frame and also comes with laser cut bridges and rear drop outs. This frame just looks and feels like it could handle anything, pretty much bomb proof!

The spec of the Contraband  can be found below;

  • 24″ specific frame
  • Lightweight and solid Sanko Butted Tubing
  • Integrated headset and seat clamp
  • Chainstays: 365mm
  • Mid BB (135mm) spacing• 5lbs 12oz / 2.6kg

moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

The Octane One Spark Frame

One of the best value for money street frames available this year! At only £180 you are getting a superb frame for your money here. The Octane One Spark Frame is purely designed for park & street riding with a geometry developed for 24” wheels only.

60745 11 300x200 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

Octane One Spark Frame

Perfect to get low travel suspension forks (60-100mm) or rigid forks. Medium front-end length perfect for 24” wheels and a short compact rear end along with a high Bottom bracket.

The head angle on the Octane One Spark Frame is pretty steep which will make blunting and getting the front wheel up pretty easy. Fully adjustable chain stays can let you adjust the back wheel position within the 365-381mm range. The Octane One Spark Frame comes with a integrated headset and a standard threaded BB shell so you can effortlessly fit your favourite cranks.

One thing that is quite unusually about this frame is there are no cable guides attached permanently to the frame, though the vast majority of riders these days don’t run breaks anyway, but if you do Octane will provide removable 3M cable guides. Staying on the subject brakes the Spark Frame does come with a rear disc brake mounts, and can take rotors up to 185mm Please note however this frame does not have V-brakes mounts.

The new Spark is a great looking frame made and is made from very  high quality double butted 4130 cro-mo.
A fantastic frame with a price to match at only £180 to! moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

Last Raffnix Frame

The Last Raffnix Frame is a frame that you may not of heard of before, but they have some fantastic street and dirt hardtail frames which are made from 4130 CrMo. The Last Raffnix Frame comes in 4 colours and features some nice graphics.

26814 2 300x234 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

Raffnix Frame

The Last Raffnix Frame comes with smaller dropouts feature with integrated chain tensioners, which work without using any tools!  The Last Raffnix Frame has a similar geometry to its brother RUFUS frame but fits for 24″ and 26″ tires.

The Last Raffnix Frame also comes with specially designed “Yokes” for protection when pedal grinding or if you run pegs on your bike (why??) then this frame can accommodate for that to!
A good frame, don’t see many of them around and comes with a reasonable price tag at £220.

moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

The Inspired Fourplay

Now im sure if you read this blog often enough you will know that we are big fans of Inspired Bikes and their frames are fantastic!

inspired fourplay team 2011 bike 01 300x199 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

The Fourplay

So of course we had to add them into this list particularly the “Fourplay” which we looked at a couple of months back. If you missed it you can read it here.

Beddo Tabbuh Pro Frame

The last street frame on this list is the bomb proof Beddo Tabbuh Pro Frame.This frame is one of the most expensive on the list at £409.99 but is one of the strongest street frames on the market. So…what’s to special? Let us tell you.

55576 300x200 Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

Beddo Tabbuh

The Beddo Tabbuh frame is engineered to perfection and is heat treated to allow the frame to be super light and strong enough to take a beating all at the same time.We do realise that this frame is a lot of money compared to the other frames on this list but, if you fancy trying something new, and ride something you wont see many of the Beddo Tabbuh frame is for you.

This frame is a 26” and as far as we know is not available in a 24”

Spec of the Beddo Tabbuh frame is below:

  • Wheel size: 26”Frame: Heat-Treated
  • Top Tube: 570mm
  • Chainstays: 395mm
  • Headset: Internal
  • Integrated seat clamp
  • Disc brake compatible
  • Horizontal drop outs
  • Euro BB
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • 25.4mm seat post

moreinfo black Top 10 Street bike frames 2011

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