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We Are Park Clothing

A few weeks ago when we spoke to Christian Paterson and he introduced us to a brand called We Are Park. So we were delighted when they got in touch with us and sent us an awesome set of gloves and a hoodie from their 2012/2013 product range.

Firstly let’s tell you a little bit about We Are Park – We Are Park are an indy run and owned UK based company. They design, develop and evolve all their products with the close help of their large team of riders which include BMXers, snowboarders and skiers.

We Are Park unlike other clothing and apparel companies do not buy in stock products and then rebrand them as our own. They have spent a long time developing, trialing and creating some of the highest quality hoods, tees, headwear and gloves we have ever seen. The sole purpose of this is to allow their product range to take some serious punishment, whatever you ride.

I love finding new clothing ranges that are run by riders for riders, because they understand what is required to create a piece of clothing that is built to last, and we love it!

We Are Park Gloves

WRPfront We Are Park Clothing

The We Are Park gloves are incredibly light and offer a great level of grip and keep the hands cool, thanks to some tiny holes that run up the finger part of the glove. I was a first quite skeptical of these tiny air holes as I was concerned that they may actually weaken the glove around the fingers. I was proved wrong, as it appears not to affect the wear of the glove in the slightest. I don’t often ride with gloves in the summer (when we have one) due to the fact some gloves become uncomfortable when sweaty, but I am looking forward to see how they perform on a hot summers day. We tested these gloves in the wet and the dry and the performance was outstanding on both occasions, they also survived a fall onto concrete and did not tare or rip.

The quality of these gloves is exceptional! Once I find a decent pair of gloves I like, I tend to stick with them for as long as I can or are available for, usually a set 661 gloves does just fine. However, after riding for an afternoon with them I couldn’t fault them at all. Any concerns I had about the gloves where cast aside and when I got back I throw my old pair of gloves away.

wrpb We Are Park Clothing

We would highly recommend these gloves and if you are looking for a set of gloves to ride in now that the winter months are coming in, give We Are Park Ago as we can’t recommend them enough.

The pair of gloves we tested are available from directly from their website and at £23 are an absolute bargain! Other gloves are available from their range with prices going up to around £35.

We Are Park Hoody

With the autumnal season getting ever closer it will soon be time to dust off your hoodie as you try and get the motivation to ride on those cold frosty weekends. If the weather doesn’t bother and you’ll ride whatever the weather than the We Are Park hoodie is for you.

hoody We Are Park Clothing

A zip up hoodie of excellent quality and a high attention to detail makes it very comfortable to wear when riding. Super, super warm and fits nicely around the body without being too restrictive when riding. You won’t want to take it off (I am actually wearing right now as I write this post!) The colour we were sent is a brilliant blue which has a cool embroidered We Are Park Logo in the back on the right shoulder. It’s the little things that make all the difference on a high quality piece of clothing, such as the little vent holes under the arms, and the We Are Park logo on the zip.


At around £49.99 for the zip up hoodie we think it is extremely well priced for such a high quality and durable piece of clothing, I’ve practically lived in it since its arrival.

final We Are Park Clothing

The Full range from We Are Park is available from their website and also from a number of selected dealers including Route One and Ken Fosters Cycle Logic.

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